Thursday, December 29, 2011

New anthology

There's now an anthology of new poems out by The Five, the group of poets who have contributed many of the poems on this site. In the past we've promoted live readings by the group. There are going to be more this year.

They first published together in the late 1970s and appeared with a band called Candle Factory, whose single album, Nightshift, now fetches largish sums on e-bay. They published a slim anthology then - and many years later, this is their second collection  after "five life-times of beach-combing, of spiritual highs and lows, of taking less-travelled paths".

The new book Five Squared, edited by Simon Peter Iredale, is available from for £12.50 It has 25 poems. One or two have appeared here - but most have not.

The five are Max Butcher, Colin GibsonSimon Peter IredaleTom Rudge and Chris Warren.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas morning

Curled together
on Christmas morning
we're the comma
in the year
an apostrophe
of mutual possession
a quote mark that says
the conversation is ended
and is beginning anew

Tom Rudge, Christmas 2011
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